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Train Beyond The Pain

TBTP Therapy

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Our TBTP Therapy is designed for Seniors (or individuals) dealing with chronic pain and lack of mobility. It will help you recover from most injuries, as well as joint and/or back pain. We have our very own Stretch Techniques + Therapeutic Massages included to reduce those discomforts. Most importantly, we've mixed Functional Training into our Therapy Program to restore your balance, flexibility, strength, and mobility. 

TBTP Therapy includes:

* Daily access to a Fit Pro by phone/email

* Personal Training (online or 1 on 1) with 45 minutes per session

* Guidance in Nutrition, Strength Training, Conditioning, Supplements, and TBTP Therapy

* Weekly Check up to go over Nutrition and Training homework

* Monthly Measurements (Weight and Biomechanical Test) to track progress 

For maximum results, we strongly focus on the 5 components that make up our TBTP Fitness Program. Plus, we'll show you proper breathing (great for meditation too) and how to use correct form on all your exercises.