Training Policies

These Training Policies are set as a helpful guide for the success of your fitness goals. 100% of Team Member's who follow them, have achieved their health/fitness goals much quicker! 

I. Show up on time, your goal is important.

* 16 minutes late (or more) with no contact is considered a no show. 

II. Be prepared.

* Bring proper training attire, water bottle, and sweat towel to every session.

III. Log food daily on your "MyFitnessPal" online account

IV. Find a schedule that works best with your availability.

* For any major changes provide a 1 week notice, minimum 48 hours.

V. Complete 100% of your health/fitness homework weekly.

* HW includes: Strength/Cardio Training, PT Techniques, and MFP daily log. 

VI. Be accountable to your fitness goal and mindful of your TBTP Teammates.

* To cancel a session, please provide a 24-48 hour notice. Cancelling a session early enough can also help open up a "much needed" time slot for a teammate. 

* If cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the session, a TBTP E-workout will be sent for training homework and session is logged.

VII.  Show up consistently and become a "Train Beyond The Pain Athlete" by achieving your fitness goal and earn your own TBTP Athlete tank top (or gear)! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get started?

A: To reserve your spot in our Training schedule, start with our FREE TBTP Assessment (a savings of $68).

2. How can I get the most savings?

A. To welcome everyone, enjoy 20% off your 1st purchase on fitness programs and products. Use WELCOME20 at checkout. 

B. Copy Discount Code, apply it after checkout, and place your order.

C. For the most savings in Training sessions, purchase our 28 +3 FREE package!

* If purchase needs to be broken down into payments, full amount must be paid prior to 40 days (within 2 - 4 payments) to qualify for 3 FREE sessions package.

3. What training schedule do you recommend?

A: It all depends on your health/fitness goal. Based on recent studies, here are the best recommendations:

1x per week = General Health

2 - 3x per week = Improve Fitness

* 4 - 6x per week = Achieve Peak Performance

4. If I need to cancel my program what are some of my options?

A: 30 days after purchase is non-refundable if cancelling, but sessions can be paused or transferred to a friend/family. 

5. How can I refer a friend/family member to Train Beyond The Pain?

A. The best way to refer friends/family is to have them schedule our FREE TBTP Assessment (a savings of $68). Team Members who refer family/friends will earn 1 FREE session (or $40) and the new member who signs up will also earn 1 FREE session!