TBTP Fitness Programs

Did you know over 92% of individuals who set a fitness goal, fail to achieve it. Out of those 8%, two thirds of them will struggle to maintain their goal after 3 months. With so many false gimmicks, quick fixes, rapid weight loss solutions ( etc.) that are being practiced, it’s not surprising why so many individuals fail and eventually give up.  

To maximize health and fitness results for long term success, our TBTP Fitness Programs include 5 components; Nutrition, Strength Training, Conditioning, Supplement Recommendations, and TBTP Therapy. There are no gimmicks here, that is why we are extremely successful at what we do. It takes a structured program, with consistent discipline, and hard work to succeed. 

We offer Personal (and Group) Training throughout San Diego CA, plus Online Training Nationwide. Our Certified Master Trainers will guide you on how to balance these 5 components and achieve the fitness goal you are seeking.

Nutrition: We provide you with a list of foods that should be included in your diet. Athletes have the flexibility to customize their foods any way they like and they can also include their favorite foods into their nutrition plan. We will calculate the amount of daily calories needed to meet weight loss goal, break down your Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats into proper percentage amounts, and go over your nutrition weekly until goal is achieved.

Strength Training: This includes functional, stability, strength, and power training; depending on the level of the individuals experience. We assist in full body workouts 1 on 1 (or virtually) and they can be broken down into different sessions. TBTP strongly believes in “quality over quantity” meaning we focus on proper form over trying to lift heavy weights or doing excessive moments. Our goal at any level of training is to show our members how to use the mind to muscle connection so they maximize muscle tone.

Conditioning: This component is the foundation to all the others, because having good cardio means having a healthy heart and many other benefits. The reason a lot of our members reach their fitness goal is because we use Conditioning as a form of having fun. We all the treadmill drag of just running in place, after doing for weeks/months. At TBTP we use different forms of conditioning and sport related activities to improve your cardio and melt body fat off. Therefore, you’re having a good time while seeing noticeable results.

Supplement Recommendations: It’s surprising how many individuals who start our fitness program are taking the wrong supplements. We quickly fix this to stop you from driving the wrong way. We meet many people who run into this issue simply because a friend recommended a supplement or they saw a commercial and thought it’d be great to add it into their program. Do not worry about this section, we will match the supplements you need to take so it matches with your goal. There are also many natural supplements that are beneficial if you prefer that route.

TBTP Therapy: Most of us are running on low batteries in this component here. We sleep little but expect to do a lot. Trying to push your body through a workout can be quite demanding when you’re not getting the right amount of rest. Most will struggle with their sleep due to aches, pains, anxiety, and other stresses. TBTP programs include our very own Physical Therapy techniques that will help reduce many of those issues mentioned so you can feel better throughout the day and sleep sound at night.

To help you get started, schedule our FREE TBTP Assessment. Our programs are so effective, we guarantee positive results within 1 month!