TBTP Assessment

Are you looking a make some health changes to your routine but don’t know where to start? Before beginning any fitness program, we highly recommend you get a fitness evaluation done first. At Train Beyond The Pain we offer our FREE TBTP Assessment (a savings of $68)! It's a good way to check overall mobility. Your health is the most important thing and our evaluation will determine your fitness level so we can tailor a program to meet your health/fitness needs.

Our fitness evaluation is one of a kind, because we offer so many features and benefits!

TBTP Assessment includes:

45 minute consultation – this provides you with enough time to ask our Fit Pro any questions or concerns you have and have a fun workout/therapy session.

Starting Measurements – We all dislike false claims so to keep track of progress, we measure chest, waist, hips, weight, body fat, and BMI. This is an amazing way to have a starting point. Knowing where we’re starting from, allow us to create a safe and effective program with the end result in mind.

Biomechanical Exam – Dealing with posture or back issues? A high number of people are dealing with lower back pain due to improper posture and balance. Our Biomechanical exam looks at how efficient your body moves while maintain good posture. This will determine if you’re body has any muscle imbalances or weaknesses that need to be corrected before starting a fitness program.

Strength Test – Checks for Upper, Core, and Lower Body strength. If you cannot move your own body weight, most likely you shouldn’t be starting a fitness program with free weights. It can be unsafe and cause an injury. The overall goal in our Fitness Programs is to reduces aches/pains while improving human performance. Therefore, by designing a training routine that will build the strength in minor and major muscle groups (by strengthening your own body) will reduce the risk of injuries and improve overall performance.

Stability Test – Checks for muscle weakness that can be causing aches/pains. Our core stabilizes the whole body. If our core is weak then our posture suffers. One of the main signs of bad posture are shoulders rounded forward and headed lean forward or looking down. Our TBTP Therapy techniques are included in all our programs to help with these issues quickly. We’ll customize a stretch routine and incorporate it into your fitness program so you can regain proper posture and core strength.

Cardio Test – Checks for your lung capacity and endurance. Depending on the level of Athlete, we gauge your performance on how well you do during cardio exercises. From here we can determine how long it will take to reach your fitness goal.

15 to 20 minute workout session – A workout is included, you can customized it however you like. Your workout can include a training session or physical therapy session. This is your time, and you can choose whichever fitness routine you want.

Stretch Techniques – We’ll show stretch techniques that relieve stress and muscle tightness. By stretching daily you can reduce injuries, improve flexibility, range of motion, mobility, and much more. We’ll show you our 4 key stretches that will take care of your body.

Helpful Tips – We provide recommendations that coincides with your goal. Whether it’s weight loss, general health, bodybuilding, or anything you can think of. We can provide great tips to prepare you for your fitness journey.

Health Summary – We provide your fitness level (1-10) and build from there. After we review the prior tests on how well you did your workout and stretches, we’ll provide you with a health summary and also email to you.

Accurate Timeline to your goal – After looking over your fitness evaluation we make an educated guess at how long it will take to achieve your goal.

Monthly follow up – We’ll make sure to follow up monthly with measurements and  make proper adjustments to your fitness program for your success.