Collection: TBTP Fitness Programs

TBTP Fitness Programs are customized to meet the needs of Beginners, Athletes, and Seniors. They include unlimited professional support, tailored nutrition plans, goal oriented workouts, and more! Plus, our programs can fit any budget with pricing between $47 - $605 per month! 

Complete our Online Form to schedule a phone call with our Certified Master Trainer and set up your FREE TBTP Assessment (a savings of $68)! It's a great option for new clients who want to check their health. We can check your fitness level, review current health stats, and tailor a fitness program to meet your needs.

We offer multiple options:

* Physical Therapy
* Weight Loss
* Firming and Toning
* Increase Muscle Strength
* Bodybuilding
* High Intensity Interval Training
* Boxing/Kickboxing
* Sports Performance

Senior Fitness Program

We understand Seniors require special care. Our TBTP Therapy program is a great place to start. It includes our very own Stretch Techniques plus Therapeutic Massages that will help reduce any aches and pain. We've also added Functional Training to restore balance and mobility. Once our Senior members successfully pass our Therapy program they have the option to join our TBTP Athletes and begin Fitness Training.