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Train Beyond The Pain

Gel Tech Insoles

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Enjoy our new and improved Gel Tech Insoles! We combine the best of cushion and support to provide the comfort you need. Over 77% of people suffer from foot pain. Although many factors can be causing the aches, it is important to wear the correct insoles. If you're having continuous foot issues, schedule your Fitness Assessment and do a "biomechanical test." We can help you reduce the pain and improve your step. 


    • Comfortable design with support
    • Amazing shock absorption technology
    • Breathable Material to reduce sweat
    • Durability for multiuse 
    • Gel Pockets for relief at highest pressure points


    • Enjoy your walks again with extra cushion
    • Align your ankle and knee joints to reduce injuries
    • Alleviate foot pain and improve posture
    • Increase training performance
    • Be more efficient in your step