TBTP Therapy

TBTP Therapy is an amazing option for individuals trying to get back into training after an injury or Seniors looking to make health improvements. By the age of 61, normal flexibility is nearly gone and as we age further, our body becomes tighter, weaker, and less stable. Our program comes with our own Stretch and Massage techniques to reduce body aches. Plus, we also specify Functional training techniques to improve motor skills and overall movement. This is extremely important in achieving for everyday living needs.

With TBTP Therapy our team members are reducing their aches, while regaining their strength, balance, and mobility. Once members graduate our TBTP Therapy program, they have the option to move into one of our Fitness Programs for advanced training.

These most common benefits our members have shared with us about their TBTP Therapy program are:

  • Improvement in balance
  • Stronger from legs and up
  • Amazing attention to detail
  • More mobile
  • Less fatigue
  • Feel better throughout the day
  • Have more energy to do things
  • Feel amazing afterwards
  • Enjoy seeing consistent improvement
  • Having fun and laughing
  • Conquering plateaus
  • Off medications
  • Getting to feel awesome about myself
  • And the list goes on…

Start today by scheduling our FREE TBTP Assessment. We look forward to helping you heal in a timely manner!