Why is Functional Fitness Relevant?

Why is Functional Fitness Relevant?

Fitness is quite relevant in today’s world. The world is understanding the importance of staying fit and being active on a day-to-day basis. There are all kinds of workouts and training sessions. If you are an active person, you might know what functional fitness means.

Functional fitness is basically a classification of training that prepares the human body for real-life activities and movements. It is also known as functional movement or functioning training. The movement helps in training the muscles to work together and preps them up for daily tasks you perform at home or in sports.

There are different kinds of movements like reaching out, pulling, squatting, among others, that become easier when you integrate functional fitness in your daily workout routine. The question is - Why is functional fitness relevant? A functional fitness workout program is beneficial for your health. As you move forward in this article, we will tell you why it’s relevant in today’s world. Keep reading to find out.

What are the components of functional fitness?

Firstly, you must know of the components of functional fitness. The important components are:

  • Coordination/balance
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Mobility
  • Range of motion

Once you get these aspects right, you will be able to reap innumerable benefits in everyday life. Movements include jogging, running, walking, jumping, sprinting, pushing, lifting, bending, turning, starting, twisting, climbing, stopping, and lunging.

These are basic moves that you indulge in everyday. Whether you are walking to a park or heading to your office, there will be a bit of walking, pushing, lifting, bending, climbing, and stopping. Even at home you are using these movements.

Is functional training meant for everyone?

You should always start at a beginner’s pace and not jump to the expert moves. Functional training or fitness is something that you grow into. You may or may not like it, but it does benefit your everyday life.

Are you aware that functional training is not a ‘one-shoe fits all’ kind of a method? There are individual programs that can benefit your body. Since all of us have different body types and we are also from different age groups, it is best to go for a tailored functional training program.

Functional training can help optimize your performance inside and outside the gym. So, sure, you can do functional training because it improves your health and makes daily life chores doable.

The Relevance of Functional Fitness

Athletic performance to improve your everyday life - functional fitness is relevant in today’s world. Let’s spell out some benefits of functional training before you opt for a program.

  • Functional fitness has the power to improve everyday life. It improves the function of your body and boosts endurance and muscle strength. This way you can perform everyday activities with a lot of ease. Functional fitness is all about improving the quality of your life. All the stress, weight gain, and depression will start moving away from your body. The training bit is fun too, so you would enjoy doing it everyday.
  • Performing functional fitness exercises helps in building core strength and muscles. Even your brain gets the exercise it needs. You are also boosting your brain’s power to memorize.
  • Better mobility is another benefit of functional training. It helps in improving coordination, balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and agility. All these make you more mobile which helps in everyday life too.
  • Improving posture and balance is crucial. Functional fitness is about training your body and making all the muscles work together. Training these muscles helps in managing your weight and reduces overall stress as well. With better posture, you will look much more elegant and quality of life will also improve significantly.
  • The body undergoes a lot of stress when you workout. Functional fitness training helps in encouraging ligament and muscle strength. These areas are prone to getting injury, so it is best to indulge in functional training.

How is functioning training different from other forms of exercises?

There are different forms of exercises. We have aerobics, weight-lifting, and so many other aspects. Functional training helps you get prepped up for all aspects of life.

In case you get tired walking to your car or lifting your baby, there is a serious issue. Lifting weights won’t help you gain strength, agility, etc. It does not improve your mobility. With functional fitness, you can become better at day-to-day tasks and also lift heavy weights and run 10 miles in a short span.

It makes you a well-rounded athlete.

Speak to your doctor whether it is suitable for you or not. Moreover, you need a special program for your body type/age/health condition. Not everyone has the same body, so the program will be tailored as per your needs.

Sure, you can do traditional weightlifting and run for miles. But functional fitness prepares you for many more activities and also aids in weight loss. You are reaping innumerable benefits with functional fitness, so it is indeed a good deal.

Concluding Thoughts

You might be wondering if functional training is better as an individual or in a group format. Speak to an expert, but we do suggest having a specialized program for your needs.

The expert will tailor the program as per your goals and will work closely with you to help achieve all the fitness goals.

Yes, there are some fitness group classes as well, but an expert will be able to advise you as to what is good for YOU.