All You Should Know About Fitness Assessment

All You Should Know About Fitness Assessment

A fitness assessment is done to evaluate your overall fitness and health through a series of tests. It is conducted by a professional and helps gain insight into a person’s body composition, endurance, general health, and more. A fitness assessment is carried out before starting a fitness program. It is conducted again at different intervals to assess the progress.

What Is Included In A Fitness Assessment?

  • Evaluation Of Health: Information about the general health of a member is discovered, including physical fitness, weight, height, current activity levels, resting heart rate, relevant medical history, etc.
  • Test Of Body Composition:This test is done to check the total body weight of a person, including bones, muscle, and body fat percentage. A BMI (Body Mass Index) is commonly used in the fitness industry. It calculates body fat based on weight and height.
  • Test Of Cardiovascular Endurance:This test measures how effectively the heart and lungs supply energy and oxygen to the body during exercise. There are different ways of testing cardiovascular fitness. It includes a run test, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure analysis, a VO2 Max test to measure breathing during exercise, and an exercise stress test.
  • Testing Of Strength: This test helps to identify where a member needs the most attention strength-wise. It helps in determining a baseline for a member. Strength tests involve a combination of core exercises and pushups to gauge muscle endurance and strength.
  • Test Of Flexibility:This test helps to figure out if any member has issues with foot instability, postural imbalance, or range of motion. These tests involve shoulder flexibility testing, trunk lift testing, and sit and reach testing.

One size does not fit all; similarly, one strategy cannot work for all body types. Get a Personal Training Assessment to know what applies to your body; otherwise, you would be doing trial and error for the rest of your life. A fitness assessment will help determine the best course of action for your body.

Kickstart The Fitness Journey With Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessment tests are highly personalized and aim at finding out the potential of a person and what they need to achieve their desired goals. It sets the ground for a person to determine his/her growth. The insights gathered from fitness assessment are used to meet and shape the goals of a person. Trainers use those assessments to compare results over time. A proper workout routine is planned as per the results of a member. When the progress is evaluated through assessments, it motivates a person to participate more actively. It also helps in addressing physical issues that may put a person at risk of injury.

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