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Train Beyond The Pain

TBTP Programs

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Our TBTP Programs are perfect for anyone with a set schedule and prefers to pay monthly. Our workouts are designed to melt body fat off and increase lean muscle. TBTP Programs will help you max out each minute so you can achieve your goal and improve your health.

TBTP Fitness Program = 2 sessions @ 30 minutes each per month.

TBTP Plus = 6 sessions @ 30 minutes each, per month. 

TBTP Elite = 12 sessions @ 30 minutes each, per month.

TBTP Programs include:

* Daily access to a Fit Pro by phone/email

* Personal Training (online or 1 on 1) with 30 minutes per session

* Guidance in Nutrition, Strength / Cardio Training, Supplements, and Stretch Techniques

* Weekly Check up to go over Nutrition and Training homework

* Monthly Measurements (Weight, Waist, Body Fat, and BMI) to track progress 

For maximum results, we strongly focus on the 5 components that make up our TBTP Fitness Program. Plus, we'll show you proper breathing (great for meditation too) and how to use correct form on all your exercises.

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