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Train Beyond The Pain

TBTP Mobile

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Our TBTP Mobile is designed with all potency + the luxury to workout from your home, workplace, or gym. You get to enjoy a fun fitness journey that will push you mentally and physically, while conquering your goals. Our workouts are designed to improve overall health, reduce body fat, and increase lean muscle tone. TBTP Mobile is superb for those who prefer the convenience of having our service at their doorstep. 

TBTP Mobile includes:

* Daily access to your Fitness Trainer by phone/email

* Personal Training (online or 1 on 1) with 45 minutes per session

* Guidance in Nutrition, Strength Training, Conditioning, Supplements, and TBTP Therapy

* Weekly Check up to go over Nutrition and Training homework. Not available for Groups of 6+

* Monthly Measurements (Weight, Waist, Body Fat, and BMI) to track progress. Not available for Groups of 6+

For maximum results, we strongly focus on the 5 components that make up our TBTP Fitness Program. Plus, we'll show you proper breathing (great for meditation too) and how to use correct form on all your exercises.