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Train Beyond The Pain

TBTP Assessment

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You have found the solution to your Health & Fitness goals! In pursuit of the Train Beyond The Pain mission "to help others live a healthier lifestyle" we offer our free Fitness Assessment (a savings of $68), with no obligations. It's an amazing opportunity to check your current health stats and discuss your goal! 
To get started, follow these 3 easy steps:
* First, Add to Cart then click on Checkout.
* Second, Add Info (no CC required, it's $0.00) and click Continue to Payment.
* Finally, click Complete Order.
We'll then follow up with you to reserve your spot in our training schedule. After FA is completed, your health summary will be emailed. For rescheduling, please provide a 24 hour notice by phone/email. We appreciate your professionalism!

Fitness Assessment includes:
- 45 minute consultation
- Starting Measurements
- Biomechanical Exam
- Strength Test 
- Stability Test 
- Cardio Test 
- 15 to 20 minute workout session
- Stretch Techniques
- Helpful Tips 
- Health Summary
- Accurate Timeline to your goal
- Customized Quote (optional)
- Monthly follow up (optional)
Note: Our TBTP Assessment can be provided Online (Nationwide) at the comfort of your home or we can meet with you (San Diego Area).