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Train Beyond The Pain

MG30 Massager

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Who doesn't love a massage? The best part about our MG30 is it provides the perfect power and speed to get rid of most muscle tightness or soreness. Enjoy the luxury of  feeling relaxed and pain free. You can also schedule your Fitness Assessment and we'll take care of the massage using our Massager. This purchase comes with 3 sessions, providing you tips on personal therapy to help reduce aches/pains.


    • Level 1-30 Speed to help with many aches
    • Rate speed is 1200-3600r/min
    • Power supply 2500 mAh (Rechargeable Li-on Battery)
    • Power and Speed display
    • AI chip for efficiency
    • Cooling system for longer use


    • Relax and enjoy your own massages 
    • Reduce pain or soreness in muscles
    • Get rid of lactic acid
    • Relieve tightness and aches in lower back area
    • Reduce injuries by waking up muscles
    • Comes with case and additional massager tools