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Welcome to the home of TBTP Athletes! A "TBTP Athlete" is an unhealthy person who is able to Train Beyond The (emotional, physical, and spiritual) Pain in order attain their goal.

David, our first TBTP Athlete, started his journey in May of 1999 labeled as obese after a Dr's visit. He weighed 249 pounds and his body fat was over 32%. Dealing with shortness of breath, aching joints, and depression; he was close to giving up. However, he decided to fight back for his health and designed a fitness program (known today as Train Beyond The Pain). The TBTP Fitness Program helped him lose 79 pounds within 11 months! 

 One year later, he went on to test his fitness by joining our U.S Military and significantly contributed to the success of the largest military offload in American History. David also had the privilege to design fitness programs for U.S Marines in his unit to physically prepare them. Due to his service and unwavering dedication, he was awarded for keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps. 

After his honorable service, he went on to earn 10,000+ training hours, 3 Certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, achieved Certified Master Trainer, and graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Plus, he launched his own fitness company equipped with a team of health experts. All in pursuit of the Train Beyond The Pain mission, "to help others live a healthier lifestyle."

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At Train Beyond The Pain, your health is important to us; that is why our team strives on providing accurate information on fitness techniques and excellent customer service!

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